Vehicle Graphics Design

Professional vehicle graphics by STICK IT – tints & graphics,

The latest trend in mobile advertising usually related to handheld devices, however, creating a moving billboard with a custom vehicle wrap can actually be more effective for locally based businesses. Vehicle wrapped cars, trucks and vans are estimated to receive 30,000 to 70,000 views a day and for a business that depends on local customers; vehicle wraps can provide the longest lasting, most affordable advertising solution.


The vehicle graphic design specialists of STICK IT offer six specific marketing ideas to consider when determining if custom vehicle wraps are right for your business:

1. Geographical visibility – if your business is more concerned with capturing the attention of local residents and businesses (in one community or in communities across the country) utilizing a custom vehicle graphic ensures that your company brand and message are visible to your potential customers.

2. Advertising not limited to one location – if your company fleet travels within or between communities on a daily basis, considering custom car wrapping for your business is almost a given for your advertising strategy. Why not take advantage of the advertising space available on the sides, top, front and back of your company cars, vans and trucks?

3. Subliminal messaging – as your company cars travel around the community, potential prospects will take note of the vehicle graphic design and eye popping colours of your commercial vehicle wraps for fleets. When they need your services or product, your company will be top of mind.

4. Long lasting – Vinyl vehicle graphics are printed with the highest resolution on durable materials that will last as long as the car does. Investing in vehicle graphics provides the longest results of any of your marketing tactics.

5. Cost effective – Along with long lasting, is the cost effectiveness of including custom car wrapping as part of your marketing strategy. If a vehicle wrapped graphic costs €2000 and lasts five years, the cost is only €33 a month.

6. Customizable – A car wrap is completely customizable to the Size and shape of your company vehicles. The graphic Design incorporates the bumps, curves and body lines of your cars, trucks and vans.

Mobile advertising is a great way to spread your marketing message all over town without the expense of billboards. Whether your company cars are parked in the lot, in front of a customer’s office or driving around town, custom car wrapping is a visual and mobile way to keep your company name in front of potential customers.