Windows tinting


Making the decision to tint your home windows is probably one of the most sound financial decisions you can make. While increasing the visual appeal and aesthetic value of your home, you’ll also be reducing UV damage to carpets, furniture all while reducing your heating and cooling requirements.

Why individuals seek out our residential window tinting film?
• Deflecting up to 99% of UV rays
• Obstructing solar heat to keep interiors cool on hot days
• Boosting up privacy
• Guarding your interior from sun damage and fading
• Keeping safe you and your family from skin damage

One of the most important reasons people seek out such kind of solution is to reduce the amount of solar heat coming through the windows. Our residential window tinting film helps our customers in reducing up to 80% of the sun’s heat. We can install home window tinting films that are not only energy efficient, but also reduce both your cooling and heating bills throughout the year, regardless of the season.


Security/ Safety Film

Benefits of Installing our Safety Window Film Include:

• Protects the health of people residing inside the establishment

• Increases comfort of the establishment

• Keeps safe the interior furnishings

• Avoids injury even if it collapses

• Gives the aesthetic appeal

Safety/ Security Window

Safety window films are usually cheaper and least disruptive than other traditional glasses. With the window film applied, if the glass gets broken down, it would help prevent the glass from shattering as it help in holding it together within the frame so decreases the risk of injury. When you have the window film installed by STICK IT, it provides a 10-year warranty. The window film provided by us can also be helpful to reduce the solar heat and glare into the home, giving extra protection to the people inside and making the area a more comfortable and hygienic without concerns about UV rays.

Our aim is to give the customer unrivalled and friendly services from initial enquiry through to completed project. If you want to install the safety window film, call us or fill in our online query form. Our customers care executives will contact you without being late.