Car Wrapping


We pride ourselves in our service; by providing quality workmanship, affordable prices, and fast turn around times. We only use high performance vinyl materials, and always stand behind our work. Lately, with the advances in digital technology, that allows us utilize the highest-quality vehicle graphics for the design of your custom car wrapping.

The options on colour change wraps are endless with popular finishes of the moment including matte black, carbon fibre, matte grey, chrome and pearlescent white.

It is the ideal solution for individuals looking for an original car wrapping, for companies and their corporate uniform appearance of vehicles for nationwide advertising (film pattern can be printed with a text or texture), and for car tuning.

Always we are concerned about a 100% overlapping of the original colors with virtually minimal number of connections even on problematic areas such as offsets, folds, etc.. If possible, remove handles, mirrors, beads – just so we can ensure that disguise is really perfect.


1. When buying a car such as an older or last year’s model or a demonstration vehicle, which can have an imperfect paint or undesirable color of the body, the price is substantially lower than a respray

2. Subsequent sale of a new car – after removal of foil its paint remains completely new underneath, protected and undamaged, without traces of removed advertising stickers and the like. Such a car will of course be sold profitably.

3. If you want to change colour of your car just for a year of two and come back then to original colour.


Professional car wrapping by STICK IT – tints & graphics.

  • they are highly malleable, without subsequent shrinkage
  • durable color – maintain color fastness and color saturation
  • stable in all conditions – even in heavy frost or high temperatures of summer sun
    Resistant to UV rays
  • completely removable – foils can be removed at any time without any violation of the
    original paint
  • long lasting – life of 5-7 years
  • can be printed with any motive
  • can be routinely washed in a carwash
  • can be abraded and polished
  • Strong 100 micrometers – protect the paint and have perfect coverage even when
  • attested – flame retardant, self-extinguishing
  • easy to repair – in the event of a collision with another car foil can easy be replaced
    only on the damaged part


The car equipped with this foil can be routinely washed in a carwash, without any restrictions. When using high pressure water cleaning take extra care because careless cleaning is the leading cause of damages to the foil by the owner. It is also possible to use polishing on the body, but watch out for abrasive paste! The foil can be polished using an abrasive paste of a very fine character. The application should be made manually in case of mechanical polishing (abrading), make sure that the foil does not melt! We recommend this procedure to the hands of experts, preferably with experience in maintenance of foils on cars. In case of a matte foil, of course, polishing and abrading can not be applied!


Usually it takes between 3-5 working days depends on level of difficulty, sizeof the vehicle and chosen film. Remember it’s not a competition.


It depends on type of chosen film. Between 2 and 5 years.